The content of this website displays some more information about the Personal Genome Project. This project was done during my first internship at the New York Genome Center with the Erlich Lab in the summer of 2016.

New York Genome Center

The New York genome center can be described perfectly from their webiste:

The New York Genome Center (NYGC) is at the forefront of transforming biomedical research and clinical care with the mission of saving lives. Comprised of renowned academic, medical and industry leaders across the globe, NYGC focuses on translating genomic research into clinical solutions for serious disease. Our member organizations are united in this unprecedented collaboration of technology, science, and medicine.

Personal Genome Project

The Personal Genome Project can be summarized from this:

PGP Harvard is a member of the Global Network of Personal Genome Projects (PGP), a group of research studies creating freely available scientific resources that bring together genomic, environmental and human trait data donated by volunteers. Initiated by George Church at Harvard Medical School in 2005, the Personal Genome Project has pioneered ethical, legal, and technical aspects related to the creation of public resources involving highly identifiable data like human genomes.


My name is James Touthang and I'm a rising senior at Oklahoma State University with a major in Computer Engineering who had completed credits toward a BS in Biochemistry at Oral Roberts University.

This internship was made possible by a generous gift from Andria and Paul Heafy.