What is the differnce between ancestry_supop and ancestry_pop?

ancestry_supop is the tables with the users ancestry makeup in the super population code from a1000 genomes project

Why is there an * in the record from the users table?

The * means that there is no corresponding data for that sample.

What is the difference between the bcf and vcf.gz

The Variant Call Format (VCF) is a text file that contains variant data about the genome.

BCF, or the binary variant call format, is the binary version of VCF. And is used to generally process the file faster.

What does imputation mean?

Imputation in Genetics means using statistical inference to deduce unknown genotypes based on known ones. See the Imputation information page on to learn more.

Get bcftools

Run the following commands to get bcftools:

$ git clone --branch=develop git://
$ git clone --branch=develop git://
$ git clone --branch=develop git://
$ cd bcftools; make

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